Fattoria La Vialla "Casa Conforto" Chianti Superiore 2017

Sangiovese|Chianti, Tuscany

This is pure and classic Tuscan Sangiovese at its finest!

La Vialla's "Casa Conforto" is a blend of Sangiovese and about 10% Canaiolo, a local grape. Caressing black-cherry candy, red fruits, Lapsang Souchong tea leaves, crushed rose petals, and a gentle note of the Tuscan hillside scrub ring clear as a bell – this is for the lover of fine Chianti the way it's been made for centuries, unobscured by "international" varieties or flashy new oak. Old school and delicious, through and through.

Biodynamic farming: what is it and why is it important? In the shortest amount of words possible, it's organics taken to the next level – an organic method of farming set to the lunar cycle using all natural remedies, such as herbal "teas" and tinctures to obviate the need for man-made chemicals like pesticides, etc. Certification is incredibly labor-intensive, costly, and long. It takes skilled, fine-tuned manual labor to replace the methods of conventional farming, with its smoke-belching tractors and chemicals.

La Vialla just so happens to be the largest biodynamic farm in western Europe. The farm is 365 days a year: from raising sheep, a thriving bee and honey operation, and a bounty of vegetables and olive oil, wine is just one part of their polyculture.

In the 1970s in Arezzo, this corner of Tuscany was impoverished and still recovering from its "Years of Lead," a period of social turmoil lasting until the late 1980s. Arezzo was filled with dilapidated farmhouses and abandoned farmland. In 1978 Giuliana and Piero Lo Franco bought an abandoned farmhouse and started growing vegetables and grapes at their "Ca' dell'Oro" which would eventually take on the name Fattoria La Vialla. At this time, "organic" was not a discussed or even named practice; nevertheless they farmed the old-school way, eschewing any chemicals or unnatural products.

The amount of work, love, and care that goes into this wine is hard to put into words – a visit to the estate will change your perspective on farming forever. And their guest houses are unparalleled! For now, though, opt to enjoy the fruits of their labor in this glorious bottle of natural Sangiovese.

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