Eschenhof Holzer, Zweigelt Rosé 2020

Zweigelt|Wagram, Austria

Arnold Holzer, of the Eschenhof Holzer winery, is a unique cat. If you know nothing about him, a brief look at his website tells you most of what you need to know. Irreverent, kind-hearted, whimsical, yet seriously talented.

In 2010 he took over the family estate in Großriedenthal, part of the historic Wagram wine region just downriver from Vienna, along the banks of the Danube river. He transitioned the family winery more towards the “natural” end of the spectrum, experimenting with skin-fermented whites, unfiltered pet-nat sparkling, and other idiosyncratic creations fit for a funky Brooklyn natural wine bar. This 2020 rosé from the notable Zweigelt (ZVY-gelt) grape, however, is his ode to Provence and pure summer in a glass.

Peaches! Green herbs! Watermelon! Minerals! Unscrew a briskly-chilled bottle and discover all manner of stone fruits, citrus peel/pith, and spicy, crunchy wet stone-finish that’s perfectly dry, mouth watering, and oh-so thirst quenching. Tackle some shrimp agua chile, fish tacos, or tempura-fried veggies with this zippy little wonder and let the good times roll.

If you go down the rabbit hole of his other wines you’ll see truly different, raw natural bottlings that push the boundary of the classic definition of wine. This beautiful rosé is natural and organic, yes, but also simply, classically delicious and a fun, must-have addition as your “everyday drinker.” Do yourself a favor and pick up a full case of 12 – it's affordable, natural, and available only here!

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