Elyse "Morisoli Vineyard" Zinfandel 2014

Rutherford, Napa Valley

Location, location, location. If Morisoli is new to you, add it to your lexicon. Right in the heart of the "Rutherford bench," the Morisoli Vineyard traces its lineage to the late 19th century, when settlers planted cuttings brought with them from Europe; Charbono, Primitive, Cabernet Sauvignon, and a host of others took root and, for decades, went into the field blends from the historic wineries Christian Bros., Inglenook, and others. These Zinfandel/Cab blends were labeled "Hearty & Robust" or simply "California Burgundy."

Today, the Morisoli Vineyard is one of the last few standing of these original plantings; it's directly adjacent to some equally historic, if not more famous plots you may have heard of: Inglenook, Phelps, and Scarecrow, whose Rutherford reds fetch $400+ on the open market.

As they aptly describe it, these aren't "old vines" – they're ancient vines. Planted between 1902 and 1908, these head-trained, dry-farmed heirlooms amazingly still produce fruit, but not much; what they do produce is incredibly concentrated, heady stuff. The beauty of ancient vines. In Elyse's capable hands, they harvest by hand in the cool dawn hours and ruthlessly select only the highest quality grapes. Special fruit like this speaks all on its own – judicious use of oak showcases the exotic spice and intense blueberry fruit qualities, adding a touch of cinnamon and espresso.

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Inglenook 1930s labels Courtesy of Coppola/Inglenook Archives

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