• Dreissigacker Brut Sparkling Riesling 2013

Dreissigacker Brut Sparkling Riesling 2013

Riesling|Rheinhessen, Germany

Jochen Dreissigacker is a name you should know – not only was he mentored by the legendary Klaus-Peter Keller (whose top Rieslings trade for $2,500/bottle!), but Jochen owns parcels of some of the most prestigious vineyards in Germany, even the world. 

This Brut sparkling Riesling is a "sekt," German for sparkling wine, not often seen – most of it never gets exported because of such high demand within Germany – and can be a revelatory experience when you do find it.

The estate of Dreissigacker is mostly known for their amazing still Riesling from heroic vineyards snaking along the Rhine river, in the Rheinhessen. And you guessed it – those same vineyards are the source for this beautifully dry, unique sparkling Riesling. Farmed organically since 2007, every grape is hand-picked in the early morning to retain freshness, and gravity fed in the winery where it's fermented from natural yeasts and ages a minimum of 12 months before disgorgement.

Red apple skin, flint, and apricot cream await, with a pearly, caressing pinpoint mousse. And don't be fooled by the tropical notes on the nose – the palate is wonderfully dry, yet full-bodied and rich.  At a perfect eight years bottle age, it's as complex and developed as a vintage Champagne.

As distinguished as any Champagne, yet a unique expression of sparkling German excellence all the same. Fit to pair with equally rich and distinguished foods, like cheese gougère pastry, baked brie, or halibut with white wine beurre blanc. Jochen likes to say his wines don't "conform to any pattern, cliché, or any other stereotype" – the wine is indeed idiosyncratic and wonderfully delicious!

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