Domenica Amato "Che Fico" Fiano 2018


Centuries ago, Greek traders were masters of the Mediterranean, their wines famous from Cyprus to Spain. Wine of this era was fermented, aged, and transported in amphora – oblong clay vessels. As it turns out, these clay jars are perfect for wine fermentation. Long before we had fancy French oak barrels or stainless steel temp control fermenters, these were the ubiquitous vessels for fine wine across the Mediterranean.

Winemakers Palmer Emmitt and Michael Scorsone  aim to recapture this resurgent, nearly-lost art with their “Che Fico” clay-amphora-fermented Fiano from a single vineyard in Clarksburg. Bright almond notes lead into spearmint, rich white flower aromatics, fig, honeysuckle, and peach. There's a bit of nutty tang to the wine as a result of its clay-amphora treatment, and with air it unfolds many more layers of tropical fruit notes and perfume. In keeping with the Mediterranean theme, it worked brilliantly with smoky baba ghanoush, fresh dolma and bright tabouli on a recent weeknight!

Hearken back to a bygone era and revel in this lively, lovely California Fiano. Their Domenica Amato wines are a series of very limited releases, often just appearing for one or two vintages based on the mood of the harvest and their impeccable vineyard sources. You won't find this bottling anywhere else, so load up now!

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