Domaine Vincent Pinard, "Nuance" Sancerre Blanc 2019

Sauvignon Blanc|Loire Valley, France

Pinard’s Sancerres have long been regarded as some of the finest in the region and are definitively “cult” status. Restaurants and wine bars have been wild about them for years, and the secret is only now coming out to the U.S. at large – most of their tiny production stays in Europe and we get very little to the states.

Brothers Clément and Florent Pinard (Vincent’s sons) own prized vineyards in the hamlet of Bué, in Sancerre (you can literally walk across the town in 10 minutes). The estate is 100% organic with biodynamic influences; all work is done by hand in the vineyard and the winery, and the care and quality shows in every glass!

They craft several Sancerre Blanc bottlings. This cuvée "Nuance" is a subtle, elegant, yet powerful expression of the famed caillottes soil ancient oceanic remnants of pulverized limestone pebbles intermixed with chalk and clay.

Read Decanter Magazine's take on this wine in their 92-point review:

"From 40-year-old vines. Ageing on lees, two-thirds in vats and one-third in one-year barrels. Nuance 2019 is a 'coup de coeur' with its fresh and appealing bouquet and its precise and frank mouthfeel. Complex and lively, the bouquet exhales notes of pear, herbs, exotic fruits and white fruits. Perfectly balanced, fleshy, and a little firm on the finish. Great potential here."

Fun fact" “Pinard” is also French slang for a casual glass of wine. If you’re at a café and request une verre de pinard it means you’re in a nonchalant mood for a fortifying tipple, waiter’s choice. The word traces its origins back to the First World War and a soldier’s daily ration of wine. Pouring from leather wine skin to their mouth was the “Prayer to Saint Pinard.” This wine, however, is far from vin ordinaire and deserves a place at your dinner table or cellar!

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