• Domaine Tatsis "Young Vines" Red 2015

Domaine Tatsis "Young Vines" Red 2015

Xynomavro-Negoska Blend|Macedonia, Greece

Despite the years-long financial crisis affecting it and other southern European countries, Greece has managed to both create a local economy prosperous enough to support a viable, thriving wine industry and managed to find a market for their wines abroad, with consumers willing to try wines hard to pronounce from grapes they may never have heard of.

Enter Domaine Tatsis, a family-run affair from the very cradle of winemaking itself. From Macedonia, the largest of the Greek islands, the region boasts thousands of years of nearly uninterrupted winemaking history. Macedonia borders Bulgaria and Turkey; its flagship grapes include, among others, the noble Xynomavro grape along with the local specialty Negoska, both part of this wine's blend.

Xynomavro means "black-bitter" in Greek and reflects its inherent full bodied, structured wines. Combined with the local Negoska grape, Tatsis has crafted a remarkably well-balanced red with notes of rose hips, hibiscus, fresh herbs, sour cherry, black licorice and a smoked meat element. The palate continues with the bright cherry/wild berry tones and distinctly gritty, stony tannins that begin to soften with an hour's decanting. The wine is raw, rustic, smoky, and wild-fruited. Throw it up against brisket, smoked mozzarella pizza, or a traditional mezze plate of smoky baba-ganoush with fresh bread, herbs and briny olives.

Domaine Tatsis is about as "natural" as it gets – from biodynamically-farmed vineyards and ambient yeast, hands-off winemaking, they're truly a product of the land and Macedonian terroir. Open your mind and your palate with this unique, old-is-new-again Greek red!


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