Domaine du Deffends "Champ du Sesterce" Blanc 2017

Vermentino-Viognier|Saint-Baume, Provence

Nestled in the limestone hills of Provence in the Sainte-Baume mountains lies Domaine du Deffends, a world-class producer of sturdy reds, classic rosé, and this stunning, aromatic, all-natural blend of 80% Vermentino and 20% Viognier.

A remarkably small amount of white is produced from this region, accounting for just 3% of total production. This cool microclimate in the Provençal hills is perfect for white wine.

In the glass it's all flowers and orchard fruits: Asian pear, yellow apple, fresh-cut lilacs, and white melon. The wine manages to be plush and soft yet refreshing and crisp at the same time. Its perfume draws you in immediately and the palate is incredibly supple and complex. Drink this down on its own or pair this versatile wine with any number of cuisines. Think herby and aromatic: Thai basil stir-fry, olive oil and rosemary pasta, or soupe au pistou: Provençal vegetable stew.

Run by the estimable Madame de Lanversin, Deffends is a thriving organic ecological oasis in the chalk-and-limestone-riddled mountainside farm: fruit trees, vines, olive oil, and apiculture (beekeeping) all flourish here, fully certified biologique organic and as natural as it gets.

Put a bit of Provençal sun in your glass with this fresh, aromatic, lip-smacking white wine!

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