• Domaine du Deffends "Champs de la Truffière" 2015

Domaine du Deffends "Champs de la Truffière" 2015

Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah|Provence, France

Domaine du Deffends, led by the estimable Suzel de Lanversin, is a multi-faceted working farm and agritourisme destination in the limestone-chalk foothills of Mount Aurelian in Provence. In addition to splendid wines, they produce honey, olive oil, and fruits all from their organic farm. 

The estate has been occupied continuously for at least 3000 years, from the ancient Occitans to the Romans, when this region was called Provincia Romana – hence the modern-day name of Provence.

This heady red is a 50-50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, a traditional blend this area is known for. In fact, this centuries-old style is the basis of inspiration for the Aussies to blend Cab and Shiraz popularized in the last two decades.

It embodies all the soul and terroir of both grapes as translated through the warm Provençal sun, clay-limestone soil, and mountain elevations. It is a perfectly matured five years old, showing leafy blackcurrant fruits, sweet plum, warm earthiness, and bright violet red flowers. It's chewy, fruity, and velvety, with pleasing fruit and a touch of that old-world earthiness we love so much.

An organic, five-year-old Cab blend for only $20, plus free shipping – absolutely unheard of. A Provençal vacation in a bottle!

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