Domaine Dirler-Cadé Grand Cru "Saering" Riesling 2014

Alsace, France

A darling grape of sommeliers for years, Riesling still manages to elude many wine connoisseurs; its reputation for making sweeter, mass-produced grocery store wines comes at the expense of the innumerable cellar worthy and crazily food friendly styles out there.

Its relative lack of fame is your win – we've secured a sizable tranche of Dirler-Cadé's biodynamic Grand Cru Saering Riesling, perfectly aged and firing on all cylinders! Cut white flowers, slate-and-petrol aromas, mandarin peel, ginger, and mango await. Precise, full bodied, mouthwatering, complex, structured fruit: it's hard to find a more distinguished glass of wine for the money. And it's not going anywhere – this beauty will continue to develop in bottle for another decade.

The Grand Cru vineyard "Saering" sits on marl and limestone soils over granite substrate, the vestige of prehistoric tropical seas that once covered this corner of northeastern France. The vineyard's etymology – "Sea Ring" – references these ancient oceanic origins. The soil confers a haunting sense of mineral depth and salinity in the finished wines.

Domaine Dirler-Cadé traces its roots in Alsace back to 1871, run today by Jean Dirler and Ludivine Cadé. A staggering half of all their holdings are in Grand Cru-rated vineyards. Completely biodynamic since 1998, they use a lunar farming schedule and natural preparations in the vineyards, such as "teas" made from horsetail, chamomile, valerian, willow, and other natural components with restorative and preventative properties.

Grand Cru dry Riesling, aged to perfection and will continue to evolve in bottle for another decade easily. Available only here and for less than $30...simply unheard of. Cheers!

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