• Domaine B. Millet, "Le Chemin Blanc" Sancerre 2021

Domaine B. Millet, "Le Chemin Blanc" Sancerre 2021

Sauvignon Blanc|Loire Valley, France

As you know by now, less than 5% of the wines we taste in our Bay Area headquarters make the cut to be featured, and many, many Sancerres grace our tasting table. So you know when we feature one with this much excitement, it's a surefire winner!

Led by wife-and-husband team Betty and Franck Millet, the duo handcraft painfully limited allocations of world-class Sancerre from their estate vineyards in the hamlet of Bué, the heart of the Sancerre region and a short two-hour drive from Paris.

Filled to the brim with all the stuff that makes for top-tier Sancerre, their "Le Chemin Blanc" shines with a panoply of citrus: lime peel, grapefruit pith, lemon zest, and orange rind, accompanied by a medley of apple and pear orchard fruits, buttressed by searing, mouth-watering minerality.

"Le Chemin Blanc" means "The White Path," referencing the stark-white limestone and chalk soils in their sustainably-farmed vineyards. The soil is "Kimmeridgian," whose mere mention instantly whets the palate of wine geeks everywhere. It's an ancient, fossil-studded formation responsible for terroir-inflected wines from Sancerre, Chablis, even to Champagne.

This detail is significant: these rare, prehistoric soils imbue the wine with nervy, razor's-edge minerality, held together by fermentation in 100% stainless steel from native yeasts. This 2021 cuvée is "fresh off the boat" and stuffed to the gills with flavor and character. Pair with grilled summer squash and Sancerre's famous "Crottin de Chavignol" goat cheese for a rollicking good time!

Amidst a sea of "good" Sancerre, revel in this great Sancerre for $35/bottle or an astounding $30/bottle on twelve or more, plus free nationwide shipping! Cheers!

  • $35.00

$30 on 12+ bottles!