David Moret Meursault "Genevrières Premier Cru" 2014

Chardonnay | Burgundy, France

David Moret is what's called a micro-négociant, crafting limited series of bottlings from prestigious sites in Burgundy. His roster includes some of the most recognizable and sought-after vineyards in the Côte de Beaune, Burgundy.

Within the Côte de Beaune savvy collectors and Burgundy enthusiasts know Meursault to be among the finest Chardonnays in the world, with this tiny plot of old vines coming from the Genevrières Premier-Cru-rated vineyard. 

There's nothing quite like mature Burgundy; I've had many going back to the '50s. This Meursault at just over six years bottle age is still a baby. It has a star bright color, and the aromas are pure and sexy Meursault throughout. Buttered apple, lemon blossom, lanolin and mineral oil, with a hint of roasted cashew and nectarine pit. It's a joy to drink now and, if you have the patience, will continue to develop into a more complex and profound wine over the next decade-plus.

The Genevrières vineyard gets its name for the French for "juniper" (the same root from which we get "gin"). Before vines were planted here by Cistercian monks, juniper trees thrived on the rocky, limestone soils of this sacred plot. So, too, does Chardonnay flourish here.

Wines like Moret's have been "natural" long before it was a fad or such a ubiquitous term; there's nothing added or taken away in this wine. Coming directly from Moret's U.S. importer, always stored and shipped in refrigerated containers. You won't find this collectible luxury anywhere else in the country. Free shipping on just two bottles, or any six bottles site-wide. Enjoy!

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