Corzano e Paterno Olio "Extra Virgine" di Oliva

Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Chianti

During the summer of 2019, what seems like an eternity ago in an altogether different world, we paid a visit to the wonderful multi-generation estate of Corzano e Paterno in Chianti, Tuscany. They're a world-class producer of fine Tuscan wine, artisanal cheese, and this exclusive olive oil from their 100+year-old olive orchards. Their products are found in all the Michelin-rated restaurants in Tuscany, from Florence to Siena and beyond. We tried to get our hands on some of their mind blowing cheese but alas, the little they make barely makes it past Florence!

According to a 60 Minutes exposé, up to 80% of store-bought oils are fake and adulterated. Not here – this is the real deal, direct-imported from a respected producer in Chianti.

You may recognize the name from their incredibly popular Sangiovese we offered in the spring. This olive oil comes from their centenarian olive orchards, totally organic, hand-made, and available only here. We brought in just a few cases direct from the estate.

It's vibrant and golden-green, as fresh as can be and chock full of classic Tuscan goodness: the nose is grassy, herbaceous, and almost peach-fruity with undertones of black pepper, carciofi (artichoke), and a buttery, spicy finish. Packed full of beneficial and flavorful compounds.

Make no mistake, this as fine an olio as you will find anywhere. It's a true "finishing" olio – not for scorching hot sauté pans but rather to dress just-cooked vegetables, salads, grilled steak, or a piece of fish right of the oven. The olio shined in a warm anchovy vinaigrette made recently at a small dinner with two friends in our social bubble:


Smash 3-4 anchovy fillets in a pan with just enough (cooking grade) olive oil to coat, ad some finely minced garlic, simmer on low five minutes. Add a tiny dash of Dijon mustard (optional), mix together with a half a lemon and transfer to a bowl. Whisk in the finishing olio to taste. Add a pinch of salt & pepper if you wish, but the brightness of the lemon, saltiness of the anchovy, and pungency of the olio should be enough to make a savory, flavor-packed vinaigrette to dress over fish, chopped Brussels sprouts, or simply as a vehicle to dip bread in.

Stored unopened in a cool, dark place this olio will stay fresh and pure for up to a year. Stock up your cellar with this original, authentic finishing oil that will knock your socks off!

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