Clos Saron "Taken From Granite" 1999

Bordeaux Blend|Sierra Foothills

Winemaker Gideon Beinstock is one of the O.G. natural winemakers in California. During the heady mid-seventies New Age era he came to find himself on a remote piece of land in the Sierra Foothills with a group dedicated to living off the land. Vines became a natural part of this and he planted a variety of grapes in their Renaissance Vineyard, farmed completely hands-off and organically. 

According to Rachel Monroe in her seminal piece for The New Yorker, the founder of the group (cult?) "claimed to be in communication with forty-four angelic beings, including figures such as Plato, Shakespeare, and Abraham Lincoln." Wild stuff! Things took a strange turn after the leader prophesied an apocalyptic earthquake that would destroy California; Beinstock said "enough" and set out on his own and continues to make wine under the Clos Saron label from a nearby vineyard in the Sierras.

This fantastic, natural Bordeaux blend is some of the last remaining bottles from the legendary days of the Renaissance Vineyard. It resembles a mature Bordeaux, with rounded, creamy notes of dried thyme, blackberry, anise, licorice, potpourri, and tilled earth. Several hours of air brings out the full array of wild, brambly, complex flavors. It is literally a cult wine and a piece of history. 

Simply a fantastic natural wine with an incredible backstory that you couldn't make up if you wanted to. This is the perfect bottle to open up with your wine geek friends and tell them the story as the aromas unfurl, or give as a gift for the collector in your life who thinks they know everything about wine. Guaranteed to blow minds and slake thirsts!

When it comes to rare and vintage wines, it pays to trust your source! This parcel comes direct from the winery and has been carefully stored in climate-controlled cellars for its entire life. Provenance matters with delicate wine like this! Rest assured that with Prologue Wine Co. we stand behind each and every bottle and take immense care to protect your wine every step of the way.

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