Clos de l'Ours "Le Chemin" Côtes de Provence Rouge 2017

Syrah Blend|Provence

Provence may be known mostly for its delicate, soft rosés – and rightly so – but the region also produces robust and fragrant reds from eleven different allowable grapes.

This chewy red is from the southern French holy trinity – a "G.S.M." blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre. Indeed this archetype originated along the French Riviera, now extant throughout the wine world from California's central coast to Australia.

The wild scrub of rosemary, dwarf oak, juniper, and thyme shrubs crawling the countryside, known as garrigue, influences the wine, resulting in aromas of wild blackberry, lavender, bay leaf, and red perfume. After a few hours of opening (if you can wait that long) it unfolds into a glorious array of red and black fruits, violet perfume, sweet herbs, and fresh berry pie. Wines like this hit all the marks without breaking the bank: explosive aromatics, chewy natural tannin, and a plush mouthfeel.

The Brotons family is hands-on with everything. They farm biodynamically (essentially ultra-organic practices in line with the lunar calendar), sort meticulously for only the best grapes, and ferment naturally in large old oak harvested from the surrounding forests.

Organic, natural Provençal sunshine in a bottle, teeming with life, and a Prologue Wine Co. exclusive – enjoy!

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