• Château Deluxe "Sparkling Ramato"

Château Deluxe "Sparkling Ramato"

Pinot Gris-Riesling|Willamette Valley

This is a "pet-nat," short for pétillant-naturel, a category of natural fizzy wine. "Ramato" is Italian for "copper," referencing the deep orange-coppery hues the wine takes on. Rest assured, however, that as "natural" as this wine certainly is, it isn't funky, oxidized or weird – it's perfumed, bright, aromatic, dry, and superbly clean.

It's a blend of Pinot Gris, Riesling, and a splash of the rare Trousseau Gris, all from the Dundee and Chehalem subregions of Willamette Valley. The grapes are co-fermented together, creating a harmonious, incredibly distinct and super-fun bubbly.

Just bursting from the glass are notes of elderflower, lemon-lime zest, orange oil, Fuji apple, rosewater, and ripe peaches. Just loads of essential oil, perfume and tree-ripened peaches. The Riesling provides a lovely aromatic lift to the wine, finishing in a soft, dry mouthfeel and delicate mousse.

Bottled under crown cap, this is a beautiful bubbly that goes down waaay too easy, impresses your friends, and knock your socks off. Enjoy it alongside a Thai coconut--green curry, like we did, or just pound it on a balmy summer night. Super fun and delicious, only available through Prologue Wine Co.

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