• Chamlija "Kirklareli Strandja Vineyards" Riesling 2017

Chamlija "Kirklareli Strandja Vineyards" Riesling 2017

Thrace, Turkey

Drop what you're doing and grab this bone-dry, electric Riesling to fill your cellar for casual weeknights, afternoons in the park, and to stock up for turkey time come this November!

The Chamlija estate was founded in 1936, just over a decade after the fall of the Ottoman Empire, when the family decided to farm grapes (as well as other produce) in Thrace, a high plateau spanning parts of Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece. The name Thrace hearkens to Thrax, son of Ares, and the mysterious Thracian society, whose first mention is found in the Iliad in the 8th century BCE. Indeed, some of the oldest remnants of winemaking come from this region of the world, so it's no surprise that grapevines do so well on this arid, windblown, rugged plateau.

Their 2017 Riesling is BURSTING with tongue-tingling acidity, lemon-lime zest, and rocky minerals. We love our dry Riesling around here and hope you do too!

The Strandja Massif, where their vines are located, boasts Jurassic-Cretaceous prehistoric soils still riddled with fossils from over 200 million years ago – one gets a sense of that massive minerality in the glass. Simply a wonderful, dry, lightning-crisp Reisling with character and class from a small family farm in the cradle of winemaking civilization!

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