Domaine Chambeyron Syrah "Cuvée Clara" 2017

Syrah|Collines Rhodaniennes

The Chambeyron family has been farming in the northern Rhône since 1895, crafting all-natural, collectible examples of Viognier and Syrah from some of the most coveted cites in the world. Today they are run by father-and-son duo Bernard and Mathieu Chambeyron.

Vineyards here follow the river valley, with unbelievably steep terraces hugging the hillside, necessitating all work be done by hand. They hold some of the top parcels in this coveted territory, among them vineyards in Vernon (in Condrieu) and in both the Côte-Brune and Côte-Blonde (in Côte-Rôtie). For the uninitiated, these are top-dollar vineyards whose wines easily command hundreds of dollars in the open market.

It doesn't get more classically perfumed than this: loads of fresh violets, juicy, crunchy blue fruit, cracked pepper, and sweet spice all day with a cool, refreshing, juicy finish. This is what sommeliers refer to as "textbook" Rhône Syrah. Immensely satisfying and an absolute instant classic.

At this price, it should be your "daily drinker" red for a casual night's glass of red or for more substantial fare at the dinner table.

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