Domaine Céline Jacquet, Roussette de Savoie 2017

Altesse|Savoie, France

It’s time for a lively, textured alpine white wine from the slopes of Savoie, in northeastern France!

Although lesser known than Burgundy and the Rhône, its more famous neighbors to the west and south, Savoie is an exciting, dynamic region home to some truly distinctive indigenous grapes; its wines are imprinted with a distinct mountain freshness, courtesy of the alpine territory here, nestled in the hills of the Swiss & Italian alps near Lake Geneva. One of Savoie’s hallmark varieties is Altesse, known here as Roussette de Savoie, on account of the reddish-russet hue of the ripened grapes. 

You can almost smell the crisp alpine air in Jacquet’s Altesse, with its wintermint, honeysuckle, and white peach notes. The palate is brisk and enlivening, carrying through pear and red apple fruit, nectarine pit, white flowers, and a rocky minerality buffered by a richer, textured palate and ultra-clean finish. Think of it as a sort of “Sancerre-plus” – a crisp, minerally white wine buoyed by a kiss of mountain sunshine and richer fruit. Firmer white fish with sauce Béarnaise, seafood stew with fennel, or white bean cassoulet make a match made in heaven!

Céline Jacquet owns about 5 hectares of vineyard land in the heart of the Combe de Savoie, focussing on the grapes that make this region so special. She’s hands-on with everything: from hand-harvesting on the steep, limestone and shale soils, to fermenting from native yeasts, and bottling with minimal filtration, these are natural products of the land at their finest.

You won’t find any corporate wineries here, by and large the vineyard holdings are intimate, family-run affairs. True artisanal products and heartfelt expressions of the land from which they come!

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