Carboniste "Pét Nat" Extra Brut Sparkling Wine 2019

Pinot Grigio|California

From proprietors Jacqueline and Dan Person comes this fresh new take on the future of sparkling wine in California. By focusing on single vineyards and early production, she takes a different approach, aiming to produce a fun sparkler that's light, fresh, approachable, and easy drinking when young. Esther Mobley, the fantastic wine writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, calls Carboniste's wine "a remarkable deal for high-quality sparkling wine from California."

Their "Pét Nat" is short for pétillant naturel, one of the oldest, original styles of sparkling. It's essentially one long fermentation where the fermenting juice is bottled before it's fully complete, trapping the c02 in the bottle that would normally escape. (The "Champagne" method involves two separate stages of fermentation.)

This 2019 is all fresh citrus and minerals, as brisk as a jump in a cool mountain lake. Lime peel, Meyer lemon, and peach pit meld into a savory, bone-dry almost salty finish. At a mere 11-ish% abv it goes down all too easily, perfect for afternoon affairs where a light tipple is called for. Just pop the crown cap and party on!

For this approachable bubbler, they selected Pinot Grigio from the Liberty Oaks Vineyard, near Lodi, a "certified green" site farmed according to the "LODI RULES for Sustainable Winegrowing Practices" –  a set of guidelines covering everything from water use and pesticides, to labor practices and generational farming.

According to Jacqueline, Carboniste “has accomplished our goal of making a wine that is truly inspired by the terroir that we have in California. We don’t want to make something Champagne-like, but just the opposite." I couldn't sum it up better!

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