• Carboniste "Gomes Vineyard" Extra Brut Sparkling Wine 2018

Carboniste "Gomes Vineyard" Extra Brut Sparkling Wine 2018


From proprietor Jacqueline Person comes this fresh new take on the future of  sparkling wine in California. By focusing on single vineyards and early production, she takes a different approach; rather than the French method of long aging on the lees and in bottle, aiming instead to produce something light, fresh, approachable, and easy drinking while young.

From the organically farmed Gomes Vineyard in the Sacramento Delta, this 100% Albariño is bright, ultra-dry, and brisk, full of white peach, wet rocks, and saltine cracker flavors. It simply begs for oysters or crab! 

According to Jacqueline, Carboniste “has accomplished our goal of making a wine that is truly inspired by the terroir that we have in California. We don’t want to make something Champagne-like, but just the opposite."

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