• Camino Roca Altxerri, Txakoli Rosé 2019

Camino Roca Altxerri, Txakoli Rosé 2019

Hondarrabi Beltza|Getaria, Spain

Prepare yourselves for a spritzy, watermelon-and-raspberry infused fun rosé from Spanish Basque country!

Txakoli (pronounded CHOCK-oh-lee) is a wine style made in the Basque country, a fiercely independent and rugged region in northern Spain near southern France, along the Biscay coast. The grape is Hondarrabi Beltza, Basque Country's most prominent red grape; it essentially is grown nowhere else in the world. Here it's made into a delicate but pungent rosé, bottled with a bit of CO2 retained to give it an almost bubbly, spritzy palate. Pink fruits and flowers jump out of the glass, with green melon, strawberry, crushed rocks, and wild peppery notes. Just writing this makes me crave a full plate of briny Kumamoto oysters from Seattle's Taylor Shellfish.

Roca Altxerri takes their name from the nearby Altxerri Cave, where some of the earliest human pictographs were discovered dating back some 40,000 years ago. The more-famous Chauvet Cave made popular in Herzog's "The Cave of Forgotten Dreams" is nearby and dates from the same period.

Rosé is not just for summer – liven up your palate with this fresh pink wine and imagine yourself in Basque country, where they commonly pair it with both coastal shellfish and inland meat and cheese dishes. From nutty and buttery Idiazabal sheep's milk cheese and salt cod bacalao to roasted pepper piperade and ham pintxos (Basque tapas), this wine is made for hearty eating and good times!

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