Bischöflichen Weingüter Trier "Dhron-Hofberger" Riesling Kabinett 2005


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First off, yes – German wine labels are dense, but they're information-laden and, if you know how to read them, they pack in an extraordinary amount of information.

Second off – this wine is DRY, not a dessert wine. It is complex, developed, luxurious, fragrant, minerally, and alive. It still has another decade's longevity EASY and is drinking so well right now. This is a wine to bring out on special occasions to make an impression at the dinner table.

Lemon-lime, wet slate, yellow apple, a hint of elderflower, and electrified acidity with mouth-coating texture. The soil consists of large chunks of the prized gray slate mixed with quartz and iron, perched on vertigo-inducing slopes hugging the banks of the Mosel river. 

The wines of Bischöflichen consistently score 90+ points; there is literally over a millennium of history here. The Romans planted vines along the Mosel river in the middle of the third century; vines have grown here virtually uninterrupted since. Though the winery was "officially" founded in 1773, this site has served as a theological training center and repository for priceless manuscripts from the Middle Ages and early modern times.

A piece of history and a superbly delicious 15-year-old dry Riesling, exclusively available here. Free shipping on six bottles – while it lasts!

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Free shipping on six bottles