Beckmen Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Santa Ynez Valley

Beckmen's award-winning Cabernet is here!

In my days as a sommelier, Beckmen was always my "go-to" value for their overdelivering Cabs and Rhône blends. They've held the line at this price point for years and it's just an absurd amount of wine for a mere $30. And they're 100% biodynamic, essentially ultra-organic; in fact they were the first biodynamic wine farm in the region. Cabernet makes up less than 10% of vines planted in Santa Ynez, and Beckmen is a specialist. From the lunar planting cycle and abundant cover crops to the dry-farmed old vines, the estate is a holistic, balanced ecoculture and everything is hands-on throughout.

Just oozing with blackcurrant, mint, pipe tobacco, boysenberry and licorice this is a juicy, full-bodied Cabernet. The palate is exploding with dark berry fruit and some wonderful umami secondary aromas of cigar, mushroom, and sweet spice.

Founded in 1994, the Beckmen estate is still family-run to this day. In 1994 they acquired the Purisima Mountain Vineyard in the hills of the Santa Ynez Valley, a subregion of Santa Barbara County along California's Central Coast stretching from the Purisima Hills in the west to the San Rafael Mountains to the east. Breaks in the coastal ranges funnel all-important ocean fog into the valley, making it a cooler site. Rocky soils contribute that gritty Bordeaux like minerality and complexity, but make no mistake: this is a meticulously farmed California thoroughbred classic in every sense!

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