Aubocassa "L'Amo" Olive Oil 500ml

100% Arbequina Olives|Majorca, Spain

According to a 60 Minutes exposé, up to 80% of store-bought olive oil is fake, adulterated with cheap industrial safflower oil, canola oil, or worse, with added chlorophyll and beta-carotene to make it smell and taste like the real deal. "Cold-pressed," "chill-filtered," – these are all euphemistic nothing-words meant to imply authenticity where none exists.

Those fugazi oils may be fine for high-heat sautéing or roasting, but have you ever had a true, artisanal "finishing" oil drizzled over just-cooked fish or a freshly grilled New York strip, or used to make a fresh, simple lemon vinaigrette? This organic hand-made olive oil is the real deal.

The 12th-century estate Aubocassa is in eastern Majorca, part of the Balearic Islands. Traces of habitation date back to 6000 B.C. – from neolithic inhabitants, Vikings, Gauls, and Moors, all have left their mark on this windswept, idyllic island.

 Aubocassa's olive oil is made from 100% Arbequina olives, hand-harvested straight off the tree; they refuse any olives that drop to the ground. You'll notice immediately that it's raw, unfiltered, and full of rich, healthy antioxidant solids. That richness extends to the palate, where it has a smooth viscous texture, peachy fruit aromas, a distinct grassiness and a hint of white pepper on the rounded finish.

Treat fine olive oil the same as you would fine wine: buy from those you trust! Both are food products that have less transparency and high potential for crass adulteration; knowing the supply chain is vital. 

A questionable, halfway decent finishing oil that sits on the shelf under bright fluorescent lights for months will cost you upwards of $40/bottle at your big box store. Save your money and shop small, independent farmers and growers like Aubocassa instead.

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