• André Clouet, Brut Rosé "No.3" Brut Grand Cru Champagne MV

André Clouet, Brut Rosé "No.3" Brut Grand Cru Champagne MV

Pinot Noir|Champagne, France

Year in and year out, André Clouet is one of the most consistent values and reliable "grower-producers" out there.

Located in the Grand Cru village of Bouzy, Clouet has been quietly turning out magnificent products for centuries. The estate was founded in 1741, and not only limited to wine – the Clouets were official printers for Louis XV’s royal court; one look at the rococo label hints at the craftsmanship both on and in the bottle. They’re still family run to this day, with Jean-François Clouet at the helm, residing in the familial house on top of a network of chalk caves dating back even further. 

This Brut Rosé comes from the villages of Bouzy and nearby Ambonnay, historic bastions of the Pinot Noir grape. In this iteration you’ll discover a beautiful salmon-pink hue followed by fragrant pink flowers, raspberry cream, and caressing effervescence. Layered, fragrant, and deliciously dry, this is a lovely entry in the annals of Champagne excellence.

As Jean-François tells it, his ancestor and founder André was dining at the table of Marie Antoinette when, on a whim, he dropped a few splashes of red Pinot Noir wine into a glass of Chardonnay and created a pink wine, delighting the dinner guests and setting the stage for rosé Champagne for centuries. Though the tale may be apocryphal, it’s nevertheless a romantic notion to savor the centuries of history and great care that goes into this beautiful rosé, long considered the hallmark of Champenois prowess. Enjoy this tableside along with seared crab cakes, roasted wild salmon with mushrooms, or simply ring in the New Year with friends and family!

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