"What's Past Is Prologue..."

Though a wine's story began in the past, it is but a mere glimpse into what's in store for its future. It's the story of rocks, of climate, of sweat and determination. Every bottle has a story to tell, and we're here to share those stories with you.


Every product we feature goes through a multi-point vetting process – selected for its unique story, organic/biodynamic/sustainable farming techniques, ethical business practices, and purity in sense of place. Placing your trust in us means you get a well-made bottle that's good for you AND good for our planet, every time.

A classically trained sommelier and educator by trade, Zach Pace has worked in every aspect of the industry and travelled the world over in pursuit of the finest artisanal wines. As the former Beverage Director for the two-Michelin-star Lazy Bear in San Francisco, he has a keen sense of value and quality, whether that's a $20 or $2,000 bottle. He brings that same discerning taste to Prologue, sourcing from the same networks he built during his years in hospitality. He has numerous accreditations to his name, including the prestigious Diploma in Wine & Spirits from the London-based WSET, is a French Wine Scholar Instructor, and a Certified Wine Educator with the Society of Wine Educators.

In addition to having run some of the most distinctive beverage programs in the Bay Area, he assists private clients throughout the country with high-end acquisitions of fine & rare wines for private cellars and special events.


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