Limited Addition "Noble Dry" Chenin Blanc 2019

Eola-Amity Hills, Willamette Valley

This vivid, natural Chenin Blanc is the brainchild of Bree and Chad Stock. Bree is a Master of Wine (MW) – one of the few women to hold the prestigious title of the mere 409 MWs TOTAL worldwide. She and Chad are at the forefront of natural, hands-off winemaking in the Pacific Northwest. Their wines are totally raw, uninhibited, and immensely delicious.

Dry as a bone, this intense, concentrated white calls up the finest Vouvray from the Loire Valley, a region also known for its vibrant Chenin Blanc. They're kindred cousins, sharing the same deep saturation of color, intensity of flavor, and natural treatment in the vineyard and cellar. Tasted blind, you would be hard-pressed to nail it as a "New World" wine. An old soul to be sure.

Their "Noble Dry" Chenin Blanc shines in the glass – it's an intense deep copper color, showing off beeswax, dried apricot, and a dusty mineral bouquet, like wet paving stones after a rain. Swirl it vigorously and it releases ripe peach, nectarine, paraffin, and a honeyed brioche character, with savory minerality and earthiness backing it up. The Eola Springs Vineyard from which this hails is perhaps as close to a "grand cru" vineyard as it comes in the Willamette Valley.

Similar to how Chenin is produced in Loire Valley, they picked this later and somewhat riper, then transferred it to neutral barrels where it fermented 100% naturally – outdoors! – over the winter and spring, allowing the ambient yeasts to work their magic. Its color belies its taste – while it may look and smell like a dessert wine, it's an assertive, bracingly dry, intense Chenin Blanc fit for bold, rich food. Think crab cakes with garlic aioli, grilled late summer veggies, or oven roasted halibut with crunchy sweet onions and lemon beurre blanc. 

Trust us - you don't want to miss this tiny-production amazing white!

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