The Durand

Expert cork removal

"As a wine professional with over two decades experience in the hospitality industry, I have probably opened over 40,000 bottles, many of which were extremely old, extremely valuable, or both!

With older wine comes older corks, and having the right tools within reach is paramount. When opening vintage bottles for tasting menu pairings under severe time constraint, I often had just five minutes or less to open a 30-year-old wine, inspect it for flaws, and pour it for the guest before doing it all over again. I used the Durand every shift – its patented, unique combination of corkscrew and prongs both grip a cork from the exterior and hold it together from the inside."

-Zach Pace, founder of Prologue Wine Co.

Prologue Wine Co. is one of the few national retailers to offer this beautiful yet simple invention, perfect for removing stubborn, brittle corks from your older bottles.

Slide one into your next case of wine – your vintage bottles will thank you for it. Free ground shipping!

  • $150.00

Free ground shipping