Fundação Oriente "M.J.C." Colares 1997

Ramisco|Colares, Portugal

Colares is a wild coastal region in Portugal – in fact the westernmost point in all of Europe – mostly known for its cloistered homes and village perched high on the cliffs, battered by salty spray and howling winds. A few vines persist here, thanks to the work of the Fundação Orientea cultural preservation society who identified the few remaining vines of the elusive Ramisco grape, for all intents grown nowhere else in the world.

This is a library offering of the heroic 1997 vintage, shipped directly from the estate and perfectly preserved. Fit for immediate consumption or further cellaring, it's a wine that tastes unmistakably of its place. Fans of mature Bordeaux, aged Brunello, and fine red Burgundy should flock to this. Surprise and impress your dinner guests and watch their reaction as you tell them you paid only $45/bottle. 

It's a wonder we have enough to offer – a wine with this provenance and quality should cost twice as much. Nevertheless, we have but a few to share. Free shipping on three bottles or more!

From Wine & Spirits Magazine's 91-point review:

"In 1999, the Fundação Oriente, a cultural foundation based in Lisbon, purchased a 22-acre property once owned by Manuel José Colares, with the goal of keeping the Colares appellation alive. Tucked amidst the houses, a few parcels of vines still survive. Their fennel-seed character slowly gives way to scents of nori, red cranberry and licorice, the wine taking on an autumnal intensity, ghosting its red flavors into the finish. Savor this on its own, or pour it with herb-roasted goat."

Note: due to their age, there is scuffing and wear on the labels, however every single bottle has been inspected for quality. These wines come directly from the estate in Portugal and have been shipped and stored in a 100% climate-controlled environment – no grey-market or third parties have touched this wine!

Depending on your region, these wines will ship in approximately 2-3 weeks as your local temperatures decrease in order to protect your investment!

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