Ayunta "Vulcanico" Rosato 2019

Nerello Mascalese|Sicily, Italy

Ultra-fresh Italian rosato just in time for summer!

This delicate and fresh rosato comes from the indigenous Sicilian “Nerello Mascalese” grape, seldom seen elsewhere in the wine world. The vines are between 50-100 years old, planted along the slopes of Mount Etna, the highest volcano in Europe and one of the most active in the world – the mountain blew its top as recently as this May, 2021! Vines have grown here for literally millennia; waves of settlers and would-be conquerors treasured the soils of Sicily and its wine for as long as we have records. 

Filippo harvests this Nerello Mascalese with the deliberate intent to craft this glimmering, copper-hued rosato – unlike some other rosés, produced merely as an afterthought. Pull the cork and play a guessing-game as to what’s in the glass. Is that strawberry? Melon rind...rosewater...bing cherry? Yes! So fresh, so dry, beautifully aromatic; it goes down all too quickly and easily. You can almost smell the ashy volcanic soil in the deliciously salty, red-fruit-perfumed, lip-smacking finish.

In 2011, Sicilian native Filippo Ayunta discovered an abandoned vineyard on the northeastern slope of Etna, totaling less than three hectares and immediately fell in love. He revitalized the ancient vines clinging to the black-ash soils here and crafts intense volcanic wines from its 100-plus-year-old vines (some of which he estimates are much, much older). Organic, natural fermentations, and hand-crafted 100%. Says Ayunta: "My winemaking philosophy is very easy: only grapes, only time.” This one-man-show is a label to watch – his talent has only begun to come into focus as he continues to coax amazing wines from these ancient vines clinging to the volcanic slopes. 

For fans of Provençal rosé and brisk Italian wines...come one, come all and experience an organic delight that is tailor-made for the porch or the pool!

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