Diamond Creek "Red Rock Terrace" Cabernet Sauvignon 2006

Diamond Mountain, Napa Valley

One of the most revered, ageable, collectible Napa Cabs anywhere!

Founded by Boots and Al Brounstein in 1968, they achieved a series of firsts: the first to vinify and market a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon; the first to sell for over $100 (in the '70s!); and among the first to identify and separate their vineyards by soil type.

Hence their three iconic vineyards: Gravelly Meadow, Volcanic Hill, and this Red Rock Terrace. In my mind, the iron-rich Red Rock Terrace produces more vibrant, mineral-dense Cabs with grit, tannin, extracted fruit and mountainous volcanic intensity.

This 2006 comes direct from their cellars and is in pristine condition!

I've had Diamond Creek Cabs going back to the epic '70s and they can age for the long haul. Limited! Free shipping on just one bottle.

Free shipping on one bottle