• Silvio Carta Vermouth di Sardegna

Silvio Carta Vermouth di Sardegna

Natural Vermouth | Sardinia, Italy

Silvio Carta founded his estate in the mid-'50s, just as Italy as a whole was emerging from their post-WWII hangover and re-entering the global economy.

The second-largest island in the Mediterranean (after Sicily), Sardinia is a wild, windswept rugged place; its denizens are fiercely patriotic, its cuisine and wines unparalleled. The natural flora growing here is called maquis or "macchia mediterranea" in Italian. It's a dense evergreen scrub consisting of myrtle, mugwort, rosemary, dwarf citrus, and juniper. Silvio was visionary in realizing these ingredients are perfect for fortified aperitifs like this wonderful natural vermouth.

The perfect contemplative drink alone or on ice, it's also a fantastic ingredient in mixology. Pour some over ice with some seltzer and a twist of lemon for a light, low-proof holiday sipper, use it in a classic Manhattan or for a fantastic Negroni.



2 oz Rye Whiskey

1 oz Silvia Carta Vermouth Rosso

4-5 drops Bitters

Stir over a large ice cube, serve up with a brandied cherry


Equal parts (1 oz each) dry gin, Campari, and Silvio Carta Vermouth Rosso. Stir over large ice cube. Serve over ice with a grapefruit or orange peel twist.

A little secret about liqueurs, vermouth, amari, etc: many of them are colored and flavored with adulterants like caramel color or worse. Not so with Silvio Carta – everything used is 100% natural and the only flavors and colors come from the natural ingredients growing wild across his homeland.

Although the blend is a family secret, one of the main ingredients is myrtle, a native evergreen shrub that Silvio's mother would add to some their white wine as a medicinal "lifter of spirits," so to speak.

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