Scarpa "Tettineive" Barbaresco 1989

Nebbiolo|Piedmont, Italy

The story of Scarpa is, in many ways, the story of Barolo & Barbaresco wine history itself. Read on for just a glimpse into their history, or skip straight to securing your piece of Piedmontese history now!

A Venetian by birth, Antonio Scarpa arrived in Piedmont and founded the estate in 1854. In the 1960s Mario Pesce enters the scene; a winemaker trained in Burgundy, the spiritual home of Pinot Noir, he applied his knowledge to crafting Nebbiolo in very much a Burgundian style. Alongside luminaries like Giacosa, Conterno, and Gaja, Scarpa put Piedmontese wine on the map, capable of standing among the greatest wines in the world.

Pesce's nephew, Carlo Castino, began making the wines alongside his uncle in the late sixties, and continued to make the wine for an astounding five decades at Scarpa before retiring in 2007. He continued the practice of hands-off, minimalist Nebbiolo; the wines are fermented from natural yeast in large French and Slavonian botti grandi – large oval barrels – firmly in the "traditionalist" vein.

Barbaresco can be differentiated by three subzones: Treiso, Neive, and Barbaresco (from which the entire region gets its name). Scarpa's "Tettineive" – the "roofs of Neive" – is a tiny 2.5 hectare vineyard, sitting at over 1300 feet elevation, with a view of the surrounding vineyards and the village of Neive itself.

Scarpa is Piedmontese wine royalty, on the same level as the historic houses of Gaja and Giacosa. As befitting such an important estate, they have one of the largest libraries of wine in their cellars, spanning over five decades and 50,000 bottles. This 1989 comes direct from that epic collection; each bottle is hand-wrapped at the estate and shipped to the U.S. in their original wood cases. The bottles will arrive to you in their same estate wrapping in pristine condition. Fill levels are all excellent (mid-neck) and the wine has been stored in climate-control for its entire lifetime. We guarantee every bottle.

1989 was an epic vintage. Antonio Galloni of Vinous describes 1989 Barolo & Barbaresco as "among the most monumental wines ever made in any region."

From their cellar to yours, this is a wonderful look back at one of the most historically significant estates in Italy, perhaps the world.

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