• Kurtatsch Lagrein 2018

Kurtatsch Lagrein 2018

Lagrein|Alto-Adige, Italy

Another stunner from the Kurtatsch estate! This is northern Italy, Alto-Adige to be specific, otherwise known as the Südtirol. Situated on the Austrian border, the region blends Italian wine romance with Austrian mountain sensibility. The wines, cuisine, language, even its architecture straddle both regions and inform one another.

Fans of this wine already know the deal – Kurtatsch is one of the finest artisans in the Alto-Adige mountains. Perched among ancient glacial soils and amphitheater-like vineyards, the site is buffeted by frigid winds and intense alpine sunlight for a high-wire act of ripeness and freshness.

Grown almost nowhere else in the world, the Lagrein grape is a distant relative to Pinot Noir and Syrah, and a local specialty in the Alto-Adige region, known for its deep color and silky, refined flavor. And here we have it: savory ripe plum, fresh-ground coffee, cinnamon, and a hint of forest-y, floral musk.

We're not big into scores or points around here but pick any wine out of Kurtatsch's lineup and you'll find plenty of 90+ accolades. Juicy, balanced, organic, and oh-so-drinkable, this is the affordable red everyone should have plenty of!

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