Fattoria Fubbiano "Rosso delle Colline Lucchesi" 2015


From Le Colline Lucchesi ("the hills of Lucca") we bring you this pitch-perfect, ridiculously valued Tuscan Sangiovese.

Located just a few kilometers from the charismatic walled town of Lucca, Fattoria Fubbiano is a holistic working farm and winery, dating back to the 17th century. Everything grown here is natural, chemical-free, and dry-farmed – from the olive orchards, wildflowers home to a thriving polyculture, and the vines, of course. All organic and hand-tended.

This rosso is 80% Sangiovese and 20% Canaiolo, a Tuscan specialty grape that lends a spicy red-pepper character to the finished wine. Taste this blind for a masterclass in Tuscan Sangiovese character, evocative of the finest Chianti Classico: red flowers, rose petals, cocoa nib, roobois tea, and subtle warm earthiness that transports me every time back to this charming, sensual estate in the hills of Lucca.

This is a living testament to the tradition and history of Tuscany and this special estate, up to and including the historical label, carried directly from the first label used in the 1960s, and an ideal companion to all the Lucchesi specialties, such as panzanella tomato-and-bread salad or Rovelline Lucchesi – thinly sliced veal in tomato sauce with capers and fresh Tuscan herbs, ideally finished in a peppery Tuscan finishing olio. Alla salute!

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