• Quinta do Poço do Lobo, Bairrada Reserva 1996

Quinta do Poço do Lobo, Bairrada Reserva 1996

Baga|Bairrada, Portugal

Introducing you to a fantastic library release from the famed Poço do Lobo, a quinta (wine house) in Bairrada, a region just a few kilometers from the coast in Portugal. The region has a fascinating history: although grape-growing dates back centuries here, during the dark days of the Salazar dictatorship, in the mid-20th century, the Portuguese wine industry was focused on quantity, not quality. The Bairrada region, along with most of the country, pumped out mass amounts of insipid, inferior wines for decades.

Salazar was overthrown in 1974 and regions like Bairrada eventually began to improve in the 1980s-on, and this gem is a prime example of low-yield, high-quality vintage deliciousness made from the indigenous Baga grape, one of Portugal's unique family of indigenous grapes going back centuries, some you won't find anywhere outside of their tiny native region.

Poço do Lobo methodically releases their back-vintage cuvées in batches – this 1996 comes direct from the estate, where it has slowly matured in their subterranean cellars since its birth.

It's full of a complex array of dried herbs, flowers, plum, and earthy notes, with dried tobacco, saddle leather, preserved cherries...so much going on.

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A cellar-direct library wine opportunity at a price that crushes it like this doesn't come along often. You'll want several of these to enjoy over the next 5-10 years no doubt.

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