Rocca di Montegrossi Olio Extravirgine di Oliva – 2020 Harvest (500ML)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil|Chianti Classico, Tuscany

As longtime fans of ours know, good olive oil is hard to come by. Many of the store-bought oils out there are probably fugazi – cheap sunflower or canola oil adulterated with chlorophyll or beta-carotene to smell like the real deal. According to a 60 Minutes exposé, up to 80% of store-bought oils can be fake!

With roots going back to the 7th century, you may recognize Rocca di Montegrossi first and foremost as a producer of fine wine from their breathtaking estate in the Classico area of Chianti (the original, oldest historical center of the region). Their vineyards and olive groves are 100% Certified Organic, and their very limited olio is just as regarded as their award-winning wines.

Coming fresh from the 2020 harvest ("raccolto"), this is a pure "finishing" olio, not to be cooked with but rather to dress prepared dishes. Behold its pungent glossy green color, its notes of fresh-cut grass, peach pit, artichoke, and pepper. On the palate it's bold and beautifully viscous, with a delineated spicy finish. The olive varieties in this blend are 90% Correggiolo and 10% Moraiolo, the finest cultivars. Absolutely classic.

To taste fine olio, put a few drops in a short glass. Swirl it to release its bouquet. Take in the color, the viscosity. Inhale its aromas, looking for notes of grass, stone fruits, vegetables, and woodsy, peppery notes. Take a small sip and inhale some air, letting it coat your tongue. You'll notice after a few seconds its peppery "kick" on the back end – Tuscan oils are especially regarded for their black pepper notes, and this one is very spicy indeed!

Drizzle some on grilled veggies, roasted fish, seared steak, or in salad dressings and you'll immediately wonder how you went so long without it. And since it's only lightly filtered it's chock-full of vital antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. No kitchen is complete without a bottle of this good stuff. 

Stored away from heat and light, an unopened bottle will stay fresh for a full year, so load up while we have it!

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