Oliveti Corsini Organic Olio 750ml (2020 Harvest)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil|Chianti, Tuscany

Alice Waters of Chez Panisse's favorite Tuscan olio, used in their historic kitchen as a "finishing" oil to dress salads, grilled veggies, fish, and steak.

This mind-blowing olio is from a single harvest, 2020, fresh off the boat! It comes from the Corsini family estate in Chianti Classico; dating from the 14th century, this estate is about as classic and authentic as it gets for small-production organic goodness. 

The olives (Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, and Pendolino varieties) are harvested by hand, washed with spring water, and pressed in their own estate mill within six hours of harvesting. 

Tuscan olio is considered the finest and regarded for its spicy, pungent characteristics. This is no exception – it's a shimmering emerald green, rich and textured, only lightly filtered so as to retain all the antioxidant, phenolic goodness. It smells of freshly cut grass, flowers, artichoke, white pepper, and a hint of peachy stone fruit. And boy is it spicy! The palate is rich and creamy with that classic Tuscan spice kick at the end. This is not a cooking oil but rather a "finishing" oil, meant for salad dressings or to drizzle over just-cooked food right before serving.

A typical mass-produced oil of dubious provenance will easily cost you $25/bottle. This single-vintage olio blows them all away. Once you taste it you'll never go back to ordinary!

It's estimated that up to 80% of oils out there are fake – safflower or canola oil adulterated with coloring and aroma enhancers. This olio is the real deal – small production, organic, hand-harvested, and endorsed by Alice Waters and Chez Panisse!

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