Liquore della Sirene "Americano Rosso" 750ML

Fortified Aperitivo|Verona, Italy

A must-have aperitivo for the summer and beyond! A little secret: all those commercial liqueurs like Aperol are loaded with chemicals and artificial colorings – not Sirene's! Only natural herbs and extracts in all of her products!

Americano, vermouth’s dignified cousin, is one of my favorite sippers and is a necessary part of anyone’s bar arsenal. Coming from the Latin root of “bitter” (“amer”), the main ingredient in aperitifs known as Americano is gentian, a medicinal root prized for centuries for its restorative properties.

La Sirene is founded by Elisa Carta, an Italian sommelier, olive oil maven, and craftswoman of some of Italy’s finest liqueurs. Her Americano Rosso boasts an array of ingredients found across the Veronese countryside near the gorgeous Lake Garda, called “Hortus Europae” – The Garden of Europe. The secret recipe features a blend of lemon peel, olive leaf, hibiscus, rose petals, orange, and gentian root, of course, among others.

And, best of all, there are no chemicals or artificial coloring used in her products. No caramel coloring, no adulterants; only natural, local botanicals used throughout! The beautiful crimson color in this bottling comes from a 100% natural blend of hibiscus and red potato extract. Few others can boast such handcrafted, natural goodness.

Trust us when we say one bottle is not enough – it goes down too easily, especially when you add friends. It makes the perfect spritz or as a substitute in mixed drinks calling for vermouth or amaro, from an upgraded Manhattan to a new take on the Negroni. Once open, it lasts for a month or more thanks to its fortification of herbs and spices. Serve straight up, on the rocks with a twist, or with a splash of soda or tonic for a fantastic "adult soda!"

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