• Roland Thévenin, Bourgogne Blanc 2020

Roland Thévenin, Bourgogne Blanc 2020

Chardonnay|Burgundy, France

Born in 1905, Roland Thévenin was one of the most prominent and influential négociants in Burgundy. Living from 1905-1990, he wrote poetry, made wine and led one of the first great Merchant Houses – maisons – to market Burgundy to the world. He was an unapologetic Bonapartist and the life of every party. The company that bears his name was founded in 1924 and still carries on his vision, making a special effort to draw attention to lesser-known appellations and choosing wines that come from top organic and biodynamically-farmed vineyards throughout the Côte d'or, Burgundy.

This Chardonnay offers great varietal character, standing out from the white Burgundy crowd. Fresh, alive, and shining with crisp golden apple, Bosc pear, lanolin, and cut white flowers. This is a minerally, linear, and a tightly focused Chardonnay that is a ridiculous overachiever for the money!

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