• Balfour, Hush Heath Estate 1503 "Classic Cuvée" MV

Balfour, Hush Heath Estate 1503 "Classic Cuvée" MV

Pinot Noir-Chardonnay|Kent, England

British bubbly at the best price in the nation? Absolutely! 

And the critics are starting to catch on: A handful of Champagne-method sparklers outclassed true Champagne bottlings in recent blind tastings, shocking the world and reaffirming what insiders have known for a while: that England is just as capable of turning out world-class Champagne-method bubbly as the rest of Europe.

At a price that puts Champagne to shame, you can stock up on this beauty with abandon and revel in the green apple, citrus zest, lemon-poppyseed cake character, exploding with a zesty mineral grip, a touch of red apple skin, and red fruit hints on the wonderfully dry finish, true to its “Brut” designation.

England shares many parallels with Champagne: the geography, blend, and terroir are all similar. Looking across the English Channel, the famed "white cliffs of Dover" are the northerly extension of the ancient limestone formations extant in Champagne. It's no coincidence, then, that those same soils give rise to fantastic sparkling wines of character. Further, the blend is from the same “holy trinity” of Champagne, comprising 63% Pinot Noir, 35% Chardonnay and 2% Pinot Meunier,  crafted in the laborious, traditional "Champagne" method.

Founded by Owen Elias and Victoria Ash, the Balfour winery and its Hush Heath estate is a breathtaking 400-acre spread with a lineage in Kent going back to its founding in 1503. In addition to vineyards, the estate boasts a wealth of natural diversity, including native barn owls, fallow deer, and pristine meadows across its lush forests.

Need further inspiration? Look at the triple 90-point scores from Decanter, Parker, and Wine Enthusiast for further proof that British sparkling wine is on par with the finest in the world!

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