Paul Déthune "Princesse des Thunes" Grand Cru Brut Champagne MV

Pinot Noir-Chardonnay|Ambonnay, Champagne

We're proud to offer this under-the-radar, boutique grower Champagne from the estate of Déthune. The wines of Paul Déthune have been top of our list for years – their limited bottlings such as this "Princess des Thunes" are usually only found in restaurants and wine bars; savvy sommeliers quickly grab all they can upon release. The wines of Déthune were a must on any wine list I curated over the course of my two-decade career as a sommelier.

Our insider access has given us a great allocation of this pure, elegant, and sublimely rich cuvée.

They're located in the regal hamlet of Ambonnay, one of only 17 villages rated as "Grand Cru" in Champagne. Led today by Pierre and Sophie Déthune, they're known for their Pinot-dominant, powerful yet delicate wines. Completely natural and organic, including integrated pest management, solar power, and no chemicals in the vineyard. Their Grand Cru holdings are entirely in the famed village of Ambonnay, one of the highest-rated sites and host to numerous small farmers.

This is their "Cuvée Prestige" bottling, a full-bodied, bold blend of 50-50 Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, with ethereal, captivating finesse and beauty. Make no mistake – this cuvée goes toe-to-toe with the top bottlings from the "big" houses and would, in all honesty, cost two or three times the price if released from one of those other giant houses.

In the glass, the wine is a drop-dead gorgeous rose gold, deep and intense. The Pinot Noir shows strongly here, both in the glass and on the nose, redolent of summer berries, delicate perfume, sandalwood, vetiver, rose petals, and lilacs. The judicious use of oak is evident as well, with ginger, nutmeg, acacia, and a deep woodsy note, all backed up by full, round forest fruits, musky incense, and a beautifully dry, full-bodied finish. Power, extract, and grace run through the wine from beginning to end.

Their production numbers in just a few hundred cases of this wine – for the globe. We're the only spot in the country to feature this disgorgement. Grab what you can now. Cheers!

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