Domaine Romain Collet Grand Cru "Valmur" Chablis 2014

Chardonnay|Burgundy, France

A few years ago I would say Romain Collet was a "young gun" winemaker in Chablis. Today, however, he's officially a veteran poised to become one of the top winemakers in Burgundy, period. He follows in the footsteps of his father, the formidable Gilles Collet, who himself for years carried the torch for a family dynasty going back to 1792 in Chablis. It's hard for my American-centric mind to wrap my head around a family lineage of almost exclusively practicing one trade – making wine – for 229 years.

Romain owns vineyards across Chablis; from vast “regular” Chablis holdings to vaunted premier crus and of course magisterial grand cru vineyards like this Valmur from the incredible 2014 vintage, one which is sublime now but destined for even more years ahead of it. The “Valmur” vineyard is one of just seven grand cru vineyards sharing a small hill in Chablis, sitting adjacent to Les Clos, merely separated by a small ravine. Its aspect and slope grant it southern exposures and its soils are some of the most desired anywhere, comprised of prehistoric seafloor fossils. His holdings are all organic, with biodynamic influences; the wines couldn’t be more “natural.” Absolutely classic in every sense.

Lush, full, and endlessly elegant, this Grand Cru Chablis from the vaunted 2014 vintage offers notes of ripe stone fruits, sweet herbs, mineral oil, saline, and hazelnuts. It continues to evolve in glass or, better yet, a decanter for hours. Drink this just below or at cellar temp, not too cold, for its aromas and complexity to fully develop. Haunting, endlessly complex, utterly stupendous.

An infinitesimal amount of this wine was brought into the U.S. and we have the only bottles remaining anywhere, direct from the importer. Rest assured that when you buy this you’ll be one of a few select owners of one of the towering examples of premium Chablis. While certainly not inexpensive, library-release Grand Cru Chablis from a premium grower such as this could easily set you back 2-3x the price. Enjoy!

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