Leah Jørgensen "Crater View Vineyard" Malbec 2016

Rogue Valley, Oregon

From Leah Jørgensen, the master of Loire Valley-style wines in Oregon, we present to you an utterly rich and satisfying single-vineyard Malbec from the Rogue Valley.

Leah is a modern-day renaissance woman; in addition to making killer wines she’s studied literature, anthropology, chemistry, and holistic nutrition. She takes a nutritionist’s approach to winemaking, looking at how yeast interact with fermenting juice, seeking balance in the winery (and all-natural, chemical-free processes, of course). 

This is pure and classic Malbec made by a deft hand: deep, inky purple with ruby highlights, find classic notes of dark cherry, black peppercorn, toasted tobacco, and lifted blue-violet perfume. Malbec’s textbook sweet, soft tannins come into play, complemented by mouth coating cassis fruit, sweet herbs, and a well balanced finish. Lovely!

This Malbec from the "Crater View" vineyard  was actually the source of inspiration – her “a-ha” moment – to pursue a career in winemaking. Discovering the Crater View Ranch, “embedded in several rocks were ancient marine shellfish, fossils and shell imprints that date back…about 250 million years ago. From this discovery, I began researching the dirt and geology of Southern Oregon.”

She launched the winery in 2011 and has since become the go-to for fantastic natural wine from the Rogue Valley, from the lesser-known southern end of Oregon. The Rogue Valley is home to some of the finest indie wineries in the state today; the fact that they’re not as well-known as, say, the Willamette Valley has left room for these producers to experiment with other varieties and to champion biodynamic and organic farming. Leah Jørgensen is the brave new face of natural Oregon wine – don’t miss out!

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